Mrs Yankee

Hi it’s Brendan and I’m going to tell you about my kindergarten teacher Mrs. Yankee.  She has been teaching for 6 years and she has 1 brother and 0 sisters. Something funny about her is that she needs a wave machine to sleep. Her favorite sport is softball.  When she is done with teaching, she will be a mom. Bye

Interview of Jeyda!

Jeyda’s  middle name is Jeyda. And she has 3 brothers and 0 sisters. She likes to play basketball at recess.  Something that some people don’t know about her is that she likes to be called by her middle name, Jeyda, because her first name is Sidney. Last year her favorite thing to do was go to Craig’s Cruisers. If she had a million dollars, she would buy a modern tree house. One thing she would want to help the world with is to take away smoking.

KD Stuff

I think you  should get a KD basketball because it has a cool design and because it isn’t too bouncy.  You should also get KD socks  because they are really comfortable.  And you should also get KD  shoes because it makes you  jump higher!

Christmas in Greece

In Greece, kids go singing carols on Christmas eve. And in Greece they go to the biggest city in Greece and put lights on the biggest tree there!  They put the lights on it like it’s a sailboat. In Greece, the main  Christmas meal is lamb or pork roasted in a oven. And in Greece they call Santa Claus,  Agios  Vassilios.  I did Greece because my Brother went to Greece.imgres


Did you know that the first Thanksgiving they did not eat turkey. President Lincoln created Thanksgiving in 1863.  And at the first Thanksgiving, they ate with spoons  and knives not forks. And the president  pardons  a turkey every Thanksgiving imgres


I am going to tell you about matter.  1. What is matter?  Well matter is 3 states of matter.  2 What are the 3 states of matter? One is gas, the second one is solid, and the third one is am holding a solid piece of matter!